Our Services

RxHealth packages medications to accommodate every facility.

Each facility is unique and therefore each requires customized products and services to match those individual needs. Choose the product that best fits those needs.

Some of our compliance packaging includes:

  • Blister (Bingo) cards
  • 7 day planners
  • RxAssist MedPack
  • Unit dose medication planner packaging
  • Vials (both safety and snap cap)

Call us now and a representative will contact you to explain our complete selection of packaging products.
If you’re not already familiar with RxHealth Pharmacy Services and our reputation for excellence, please take a moment to contact us and schedule a meeting to review how RxHealth can provide the services you are looking for.

Our Services

As a Long Term Care Institutional Pharmacy, RxHealth offers you multiple value added services such as:

  • Multiple Medication packaging
  • Computerized Medical Records
  • Pharmacy Consulting services
  • Regulatory guidance
  • In service education

Consultant Services

Our experienced clinical team provides our facilities with the opportunity to improve the quality of care for their residents by working closely with them to review their drug therapy management. They review for potential interactions, duplicate therapies, poly-pharmacy issues, and regulatory compliance while trying to find alternate therapies, reduce the number of overall medications, cut costs and improve outcomes. They will provide you with quality assurance and evaluate for full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Added Value

Consultants ultimately improve outcomes and reduce costs.

  • By identifying inappropriate treatments and managing poly-pharmacy issues our consultants will recommend alternate therapies in order to reduce or eliminate side effects of medications and more effectively treat the condition.
  • Our staff will work with you to coordinate in-service and educational programs for the specific needs of the residents and staff.
  • Work with practitioners and staff to optimize therapies.
  • Act as a resource providing therapeutic interchange in some instances where it could provide better clinical outcomes or reduced costs.

Our Customers

RxHealth provides pharmaceutical care to the group home community. We work closely with the practitioners, and nursing and med certified staff to ensure those residents receive optimum drug therapies.

If a resident is heading home or off site for a short while, we can package a small supply in whichever packaging is required. For example if you normally receive blister packs, we can provide Pass Meds in safety cap vials for the pass. We will send only the exact amount specified so there will not be any extra medication to be signed back in.

If your resident has a day program where they need one or more doses per day off site, we can separate each fill so a separate package is provided. This eliminates your staff from transferring medications back and forth every day.

RxHealth also provides pharmaceutical care to those residents who reside in assisted living and residential care facilities. The people residing in these facilities often receive health care from multiple practitioners. This makes them more susceptible to additional drug related problems because those practitioners have prescribed multiple medications which sometimes have not been coordinated with the others. It is important that each residents therapies are reviewed for taking unnecessary medications, duplicate therapies or side effects.
RxHealth will coordinate each patient’s medications with each of their practitioners allowing more time for patient visits and less time waiting in line at a retail store. We will then deliver those medications directly to the nurse so she can bring them on her next visit.
RxHealth also provides pharmaceutical care to schools and health care centers. We work closely with the practitioners, nurses and health care center staff to ensure the students continue their drug therapies while away from home.


Special Packaging

Non-compliance is one of the leading causes of missed doses and adverse events. Our custom packaging can help ease any confusion of multiple medications at multiple times to allow for simple administration of patients medications. These delivery systems ensure ease and accuracy for the health care professionals and ultimately the resident.

Special packing can help in all areas of long term care. From Skilled to Residential care, each population has their own unique needs in order to make sure they receive the right medication at the right time. RxHealth provides a packaging system for every level of care. Every person involved in the patients medication regimen, from the practitioner to the nursing staff and ultimately the patient can benefit from the right system.
Some types of custom packaging RxHealth can provide are unit dose packaging, blister (bingo) cards and Time of Administration systems, snap cap vials, safety cap vials, Medication planners and the NEW RxAssist MedPack.

RxAssist MedPack

110_dyspillOur RxAssist MedPack packaging system allows for multiple medications to be packaged in one blister for each time of administration. This unit of use medication distribution system is simple, safe and convenient and perfect for the assisted living community where residents sometimes take one or more medication. The MedPack is prepared by the pharmacy where each individualized blister is personalized and color coded by dose. Each blister identifies the patient’s name, medication names and the time to take the pills and the other side is transparent so you can see each tablet or capsule. Every blister is also detachable making it more convenient for the resident to take a few doses of medication with them if they leave for the weekend or holiday. This portability optimizes compliance and once again allows them to take the right pill at the right time. You’ll feel more confident that they’re taking all the correct medication.

Blister Packs

Our blister packs are one of the easiest systems for you and your staff. At a glance you can quickly identify and confirm you have the correct medication and number of tablets. Our special packaging label also provides additional information which helps to identify the medication in the card by providing the tablet description, color and markings. You can always be assured you have the correct medication.

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